Only Six Countries Have Equal Rights For Men and Women: Report

A decade ago that number was zero.

Only six countries in the world offer equal rights for men and women. (Getty)
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Only six countries in the entire world give men and women equal rights, CNN reports.

According to a new report from World Bank, that’s a 600% increase from a decade ago when the company found zero countries offering equal rights. World Bank measures how effective the country is at guaranteeing economic and legal equality for both their female and male citizens.

Which countries scored a 100%? France, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Latvia, and Belgium are the only six countries to make the list in the “Women, Business, and the Law 2019” report.

Scoring under 50% — which typically means that the nation provides to women less than half of the same rights they offer to men — were countries in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Compared to a decade ago, there has been about a 4.5 point increase across the globe to 74.71%. But, the average nation sees women receiving a quarter fewer of the legal rights of their male counterparts.

“If women have equal opportunities to reach their full potential, the world would not only be fairer, it would be more prosperous as well,” Kristalina Georgieva, World Bank Group’s Interim President said.

A separate report from the McKinsey Global Institute claims that $28 trillion could be added to the global GDP if the gender gap in the workforce was closed.

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