Sex Outside: A New Podcast, and Also a Thing You Can Do

Laura Borichevsky's new podcast taps into the relationship between sex and nature

sex outside
Sex! It's a thing you can do outside.

Sex is an activity you can do almost anywhere. You could do it in a bed, sure, but you could also do it on a chair or in the kitchen, on the floor or in a hot tub. You could even do it in a moving vehicle. Some of these options are more advisable than others, of course, but the possibilities are just about endless. It’s like Oh, the Places You’ll Go, but for sex. Oh, the Places You’ll Bang. If you use your imagination, you can have sex pretty much anywhere, including the great outdoors.

In fact, having sex outside happens to be the subject of a new podcast called, wait for it, Sex Outside. The biweekly podcast, which launched Thursday, explores the relationship between sex, gender, bodies and the great outdoors. Host Laura Borichevsky, who also hosted the Women on the Road podcast from 2017 to 2020, leans on her background in sexual-health advocacy in what she hopes will be an educational podcast that encourages listeners to think about and explore their sexuality in new, shame-free ways.

“Talking about sex doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, but thinking about the way it intersects with the outdoors just might be a good place to start,” Borichevsky says in the podcast intro.

Borichevsky traces the inspiration for Sex Outside to conversations she had repeatedly with fellow women on the road while producing her earlier podcast. According to the Sex Outside host, conversations with other women inevitably turned to topics of sex, bodies, health and gender. “Every time we got together as female road travelers, the conversation would turn to body stuff like sex, shame and missed opportunities, and I thought, ‘Why does it have to take those unique spaces to get us talking?’” says Borichevsky.

The podcast will explore the many intersections of sex and outdoor culture, from how to take the perfect outdoor nude to the enduring sexual mythology of mermaids. In addition to exploring sexual history and culture, Borichevsky will also offer real-life insight into the realities of sex on the road, including tips and tricks for outdoor sex and maintaining sexual health and hygiene as a sexually active outdoorswoman (or man).

The first episode of Sex Outside is available to stream now. But if you’re hungry for more sex-related audio, might we suggest checking out these erotic podcasts?

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