Trailer: “Rudolf,” Allegedly a Real Movie, Will Reimagine Christmas as a Gritty, Live-Action Tale

A holiday classic, but now with more high school basketball


A Christmas classic may look different next year.

A “concept” trailer for the new film Rudolf was just released. Written and directed by Mark Rodriguez, the proposed film chronicles an inner city kid’s experience at North Park High School, where the red-nosed newcomer is forced to join the basketball team due to an expulsion threat after fighting some bullies.

“Can they put their differences aside and make it to the Christmas Eve Championship game?” the synopsis asks. Yes, the kid is named Rudy/Rudolf. And yes, there is a tough-love basketball coach who goes by Santana Claus.

The filmmaker himself calls this “an Epic Christmas Tale reimagined.” Watch for yourself … and go to 4:32 in the clip for a hip-hop Christmas/cheerleading breakdown (“They call me Comet because they know I’m a star”).

To be fair, the filmmaker has gone out of his way to respond to criticisms (and compliments) on his YouTube page (although he didn’t respond to the query, “A bit on the nose, don’t you think?”) and the production quality looks sound.

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