Rival Victoria’s Secret Podcast Reveals Dark Side of the Brand, Including Jeffrey Epstein Ties

The "Fallen Angel" podcast is digging into the brand's dirtiest secrets

Victoria's Secret angels onstage at the brand's 2017 fashion show
A gaggle of fallen Angels
Taylor Hill/WireImage

In case you haven’t heard, faltering lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is now a podcast. But the VS Voices podcast, launched earlier this month as part of the company’s latest rebrand attempt, is about to receive some competition from another Victoria’s Secret podcast, this one unauthorized by the embattled brand.

While VS Voices is all about parading the brand’s “empowering” new girlboss makeover, the new rival podcast — called Fallen Angel after the Victoria’s Secret Angels who were dropped from the brand’s marketing earlier this year as part of the image rehab — will focus on the darker side of Victoria’s Secret, before the company attempted to rebrand as the world’s “leading advocate for women,” or whatever they think they’re doing by paying Priyanka Chopra and Megan Rapinoe to go on a podcast and talk about the male gaze.

Premiering today, Fallen Angel promises to spill all of Victoria’s dirtiest little secrets, including those unflattering ties to one Jeffrey Epstein. Back in 2019, former Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner was revealed to be one of the many rich and famous elites caught in Epstein’s web, further damaging the struggling brand’s already tarnished reputation. In the first episode, a former executive named Cindy recalls several questionable run-ins with the serial sex offender, including being seated next to Epstein at an event where he invited her to an afterparty at Wexner’s house.

“There was something that just didn’t seem right about it,” she told the show’s co-hosts, journalists Vanessa Grigoriadis and Justine Harman. “I was, if you will, the hired help. And my boss is having an afterparty to which he didn’t invite me? … I don’t even know who this guy is, so I declined.”

Cindy claimed Epstein also contacted her at one point to express his desire for “some female companionship,” and once invited her to Aspen for another Wexner party, which she once again declined.

The first two episodes of the podcast dropped today, digging into the dark reality underlying the brand’s “glittering facade of fierce female empowerment,” the very same facade the brand is still trying to promote in its own podcast. The packaging may be a little less glittery now that the brand has swapped its Angels for girlbosses, but Victoria’s Secret has always been a sham.

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