Pete Davidson Makes Fans Sign $1M Non-Disclosure Agreement to Attend Show

Davidson also says he's done performing for college audiences

pete davidson san francisco nda
This photo was NOT taken at Pete Davidson's most recent performance
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Guests at Pete Davidson’s latest stand-up show were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement before attending the performance, The Independent reported.

The NDAs barred fans from giving any interviews or posting their opinion of the show on social media, which took place at the Sydney Goldstein Theatre in San Francisco. The legally binding agreement stipulated that audience members were subject to paying $1 million if violated.

Those who had purchased tickets were reportedly emailed about the NDAs just a few hours before the show, and were encouraged to “save time at the venue” by printing and signing the documents ahead of time. Customers were told that anyone “unable or unwilling” to sign would not be allowed to enter the the show, and would receive a full refund.

Ticket holders had already been informed their phones and smartwatches would be secured in a locked pouch during the show, and that recording devices were not allowed. Disgraced comedian Louis CK made headlines for instituting a similar policy at his shows back in May, banning phones and prohibiting members from sharing material from his sets without prior written “consent.”

Davidson’s move comes just a few months after he called the student audience at a University of Central Florida show in August “privileged little assholes” for using their phones during the event.

“Whenever somebody else comes to your fucking town and is exhausted and flies all the way to the middle of fucking nowhere to do jokes for you privileged little assholes, don’t fucking ruin the show for people who actually want to be here,” he said.

In a recent cover story for Paper‘s Break the Internet series, Davidson said that he would “refuse” to do college shows after this year. “You’re just setting yourself up for trouble,” he said. “You can’t talk about anything. You can’t. The second you open your mouth and have an opinion, you lose money today. And I don’t think that’s a safe place to live in.”

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