What Personal Trainers Do Each Day to Stay Fit

Seven experts shared their weekly routines — rest days included.


The individual fitness routines of personal trainers vary widely from those who live in the gym to others who pop in and out for a quick session.

But regardless of where they land on the spectrum, many fitness experts seem to agree that working in rest days and time to assess your mental health are just as essential to your overall fitness as physical activity. They also proved to NBC News that there are many ways to do it.

For trainer and “functional workout fan,” Stephanie Mansour, her weekly routine includes tennis, Pilates and regular massages to “to take care of my body.”

Director of health and fitness at Planet Fitness, Brian Zehetner, also plays tennis but makes sure he dedicates 30 minutes a workout to strength training. Zehetner told NBC that he switches it up with Taekwondo and a weekly indoor cycling session.

Others, like Ronnie Lubischer, a trainer, gym owner and pro body builder, are much more regimented with their workouts — especially with the needs of a newborn to consider.

“We had our first child and all of a sudden being a gym owner and competitive bodybuilder became much more complicated,” Lubischer told NBC. “Throughout the last year over many attempts and reiterations, I’ve managed to fine tune my schedule to accommodate being a new and involved dad, an owner of a growing business, and maybe no longer a competitive bodybuilder, but certainly someone who still looks close to one with a relative amount of balance in my life.”

The fit father does a few rounds of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) from 3:45 to 4:15 each morning — yes, morning — trains clients from 5am to noon and then sets aside an hour for himself.

“I lift weights, but not the way I use to because I don’t have the time,” he said. Now, he bases his workouts on two circuits that combine power, strength and hypertrophic training in one. Then he leaves 15 minutes at the end for an additional set of HIIT training using anything from cardio equipment to functional training equipment like kettlebells, bands, or med balls.

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