This Watch Ain’t Cheap. But It Is Pennywise.

A goofy luxury watch for the Stephen King fan in your life

September 20, 2017 9:00 am

Pennywise is gonna haunt you 24-7.

Russian watchmaker (and president of the International Academy of Independent Watchmakers) Konstantin Chaykin recently announced his Clown timepiece, an incredibly creepy ticker he says was directly inspired by Stephen King’s IT.

A sister to Chaykin’s recent Joker watch (also super creepy), Chaykin’s red and white piece features a stainless steel case, “eyes” with yellow pupils to indicate hours and minutes and a big toothy mouth signifying the phases of the moon.

A total of 27 copies of the Clown will be available, mirroring the 27 years between Pennywise appearances from the book and movie. It’s priced at $9,990, but good news: Some proceeds will go to help children with rare congenital diseases.

Next up: An autonomous car inspired by the hilarious antics of Christine.

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