Marijuana Tailor-Made to Your Favorite TV Show? Nice.

Netflix has a genius idea to get you to binge more TV

August 31, 2017 9:00 am

We mentioned earlier this week that online streaming studio, Netflix, developed a line of cannabis to promote its shows.

Obviously they know their audience.

They also know the law: this cannabis wasn’t grown or sold by them. Rather, they partnered with West Hollywood-based dispensary, Alternative Herbal Health Services (AhhsWeho, aka Oz), and they tapped Vice media’s creative agency, Carrot, to handle the branding.

As anyone outside of legal markets knows, cannabis has a dubious reputation that’s fueled by its dorm-room aesthetic. Having Carrot retool the jars into the sort of consumer product you’d likely see in a bourgeois boutique helped, er, elevate the goods.

netflix cannabis (7 images)

Each strain was labeled to appeal to fans, and according to AdWeek they dispensary sold over 100 jars (about a pound).

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