Meet Couple Planning to Take Their Relationship to a New Level — Mars

Space lovers passed selection process for a chance at a one-way ticket to Red Planet courtesy of Mars One program.

Sure Paris is great for some lovers, but this couple is looking for a romantic trip of a different kind.

Yari and R Daniel Golden-Castaño are two out of a group of 100 (whittled down from 4,200) space lovers who hope to be selected to train and travel to Mars by 2032.

“It’s just part of [my] childhood dreams,” R Daniel, 36, an Army reservist who is studying computer science, told the New York Post.

The couple met in a Facebook group for aspiring astronauts who wanted to go to Mars. They married and signed up together for the Mars One program, a Dutch-run organization aiming to get humans on the Red Planet by 2032.

There is no return flight offered.

If selected, the pair will undergo a decade’s worth of training in remote locations. They’ll learn to repair vital technologies, grow crops, and receive medical training. A four-part docu series will feature the couple, along with three other hopefuls, as they attempt to make it to Mars.

“For me it’s about the exploration… and sharing the information back [to earth],” Yari explained. “Everything we experience there will be for the first time.”

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