Martin Scorsese Reportedly in Talks With Apple and Netflix to Distribute Next Movie

The director is looking to make a move after his $200 million budget became too much for Paramount

Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese.
Siebbi /Creative Commons

Martin Scorsese famously teamed up with Netflix for The Irishman, and according to a new Wall Street Journal report, it seems like the director may be looking to return to the streaming service for his next film. Scorsese is reportedly in talks with Netflix as well as Apple as he looks for a new company to produce or distribute Killers of the Flower Moon after Paramount grew uncomfortable with its massive budget.

The studio reportedly gave the director permission to shop the movie — which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro — around elsewhere after its budget grew to over $200 million. If Killers of the Flower Moon does wind up with Netflix or AppleTV+, it will be the second time in a row that a Scorsese has become too expensive for its original studio; The Irishman moved from Paramount to Netflix after its production costs rose to $173 million.

Citing an anonymous person familiar with the matter, the Journal notes that Killers of the Flower Moon still could theoretically wind up with Paramount, though that seems less than likely.

“The project could still end up being produced at Paramount, but that appears unlikely given the current budget and script, a person familiar with the studio’s thinking said,” the publication writes. “If a streaming company took over the project, the studio could consider a partnership through which it handles theatrical distribution, the person said. But no matter what, any company interested in assuming control of the movie has to go through Paramount and would have to compensate the studio for money invested in the project, the person also said.”

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