25,000 Live Concerts, at Your Fingertips

Never saw Prince live? Missed Coachella? This app solves that.

April 25, 2016 9:00 am

Hey, remember when Prince did a better version of “Creep” than Radiohead ever did at Coachella in 2008?

You probably weren’t there.

But that’s OK, because somebody filmed it and you watched it, like, 300 times this past weekend.

Actually, as we get older and realize most music festivals are hell, it’d be nice to experience great concert moments like that … without dealing with, say, crowds, exorbitant StubHub tix, parking and that guy who keeps putting his girlfriend on his shoulders right in front of you.

Enter LiveList, a new app that live streams shows and major music fests (like Coachella) from all over the Interwebs — without you having to leave your living room.

A creation of live music bigwigs and social media gurus (including Facebook and MySpace alum), LiveList had already broadcast 23,339 shows as of Friday.

Basically, they’re condensing a myriad of sources for live music (YouTube, Twitch, StageIt, Live Nation, iHeartRadio, etc.) into one place, and then making those shows instantly accessible by desktop or smartphone.

For the most part, the shows are free. Once you build your profile, you can search for concerts via artist, genre or even through curated channels (Red Rocks, Ultra, SXSW).

If you follow an artist, the site will notify you when they’re next scheduled to take the (live-streaming) stage.

Oh, and speaking of Coachella — did you miss it? LiveList was there, and has a whole channel devoted to its highlights. (Editor’s note: The site is primarily dedicated to live shows, and far less of an archive. However, there are exceptions.)

It’s not liking seeing Prince in concert.

But it’s worth a look. And a listen.

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