Late Night Asks: Is Anyone Left in Trump’s Administration?

"Hicks has got to compete against all those other unemployed Trump communications directors..."

After White House communications director Hope Hicks announced her resignation, and Jared Kushner had his “top secret” security clearance downgraded, late-night comedians spent Thursday night asking: Is anyone left in the Trump administration?

“White House communications director Hope Hicks is leaving the White House. Hicks says she wants to move on to a job that’s a little less stressful — like heart surgeon or air traffic controller,” Fallon quipped.

Colbert echoed similar sentiments: “CNN summed it up this way: ‘White House meltdown on full display.’ Well, the White House tours must be getting really interesting. ‘O.K., now we’re passing the Lincoln Bedroom. On your right, you’ll see John Kelly suffocating Jared Kushner with a pillow, and on your left, you’ll see the claw marks on the wall left by Steve Bannon as they dragged him to the curb.’”

Take a look at the clips below.


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