This Vinyl Player Turns Into a Portable Speaker in Seconds

Everybody loves a multitasker

July 24, 2018 9:00 am

Whether by design or hardheadedness, Chicago has become the de facto vinyl capital of America in recent years.

We’ve got great vinyl shops. We’ve got great vinyl startups.

And now, we’ve got the ideal vinyl player upon which to spin all the above.

Introducing Kozmophone, the made-in-Chicago turntable that converts from a turntable to a portable bluetooth speaker in just a few snaps.

New to Kickstarter from Chicago tech startup Arcateliers, Kozmophone pays visual homage to Thomas Edison’s phonograph. A closer look at its anatomy, though, reveals that the iconic “horn” is actually a detachable, wireless bluetooth speaker that can provide 12 hours of playback on the go. Attached, that speaker also rotates, allowing you to redirect the orientation of your stereo seamlessly.

Own better speakers? No sweat. The system also has built-in RCA line-out ports should you prefer to use them. 

Other features Edison didn’t have the foresight to include: wireless phone charging, ambient lighting and a replaceable AT91 Cartridge (that’s technical speak for the needle) from venerable vinyl merchants Audio Technica. Oh, and a weird little holographic display you’ll be able outfit with downloadable graphics from Kozmophone’s website (that feature admittedly feels a bit wonky).

Kozmophone is nearly 400% funded with one week to go on their crowdfunding campaign. You can still claim one for the super early-bird price of $249, and units are expected to ship in December.

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