Kevin Spacey Attempts Career Comeback This Summer in “Billionaire Boys Club”

New trailer previews the attempted career resurrection of the disgraced actor.

kevin spacey
The only open sexual assault case against Kevin Spacey is over. (Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)

It appears that disgraced actor Kevin Spacey is returning to the big screen after he was accused  by fifteen men of sexual harassment, assault or attempted rape, Vogue is reporting.

The new movie, Billionaire Boys Club, follows the members of the 1980s Los Angeles Ponzi scheme crime ring, with Spacey as the story’s murdered con man. Spacey was reportedly attached to the project at the time the numerous accusations against him came to light in October 2017, and a July 19 release date is putting people on edge.  Just last fall, Ridley Scott chose to re-shoot 400 scenes in his movie All the Money in the World to replace the publicly toxic Spacey with Christopher Plummer (Plummer would receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the role).

“For one thing, it flies in the face of some curious hand-wringing about the fate of men accused of sexual misconduct, which had some worrying whether the punishment and public shaming might not befit the supposed crimes,” Vogue’s Bridget Read writes. “A particularly galling statement in a story that confirmed the film’s release came from Richard DuPont (who makes a cameo in the film)…DuPont said that “people have such short memories,” and, moreover, that “Spacey is almost unrecognizable in a beard and glasses,” which, as anyone who has seen the trailer can say, is simply not true.”

Take a look for yourself at the trailer below.

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