Kendall Jenner Looks As If She Put Controversial Pepsi Ad She Frolicks Through Coachella

April 18, 2017 9:12 am

Kendall Jenner put her Pepsi controversy behind her to go party at Coachella this past weekend.


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The 21-year-old donned a multitude of barely-there outfits throughout the massive music festival, soaking in the California sun and teaming up with her sister Kylie to host a party for the dating app Bumble in the process.

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But she wasn’t taking any questions — at least not related to the intense backlash that erupted following the release of the Pepsi ad criticized by many as tone deaf and racially insensitive.

Sources told gossip site TMZ that journalists had to submit questions to Jenner in advance, and the starlet wouldn’t answer any cola commercial-related questions. Any reporters attempting to sneak in a question about the backlash would be blacklisted, with their outlet forever banned as “persona non grata.”

She took a major hit to her image earlier month with the ad that many critics called one of the worst of all time, with visuals deemed insensitive and tone deaf and charges it appropriated African-American culture in the crassest way possible.

With nearly 80 million followers on Instagram, Jenner doesn’t have to answer any question she doesn’t want to.


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