There’s Now a ‘Hipster’ Nativity Set Because Nothing Is Sacred

Yep, that's a manbun on Joseph

November 21, 2016 9:00 am

As if there aren’t already enough ways to ruin the holidays, some cruel ruthless soul has created a “hipster” nativity scene, replete with a latte-wielding duck-face Mary and baby Jesus in a handmade beanie to accent his swaddling clothes.

Other figures in the scene: three wisemen on segways, carrying Amazon packages, Joseph in a manbun taking a selfie. Grass-fed beef. A lamb in an ugly sweater. A guy off to the side toting an iPad for no reason other than hammering home the point.

I realize I should probably like this, or at least find it amusing. I was raised Catholic, but no longer practice. I’m a young man with liberal ideas and a mustache. But here’s my thing: hipsterdom is the lame duck of our cultural psyche. And this Christmas, I’m not about giving my money ($130 of it, at that) to a tired cultural adumbration that reached its peak many, many Christmases ago.

If you feel otherwise, however, and would like to give the gift of ironic mirth, or to deck your own halls with some, you can pick up the nativity scene here. Who am I to judge? I’m just bitter because I’m the handlebar-mustached segway rider.

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