Here’s Why You Stayed In That Unhappy Relationship

Breaking up really is hard to do.

unhappy relationship
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Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you should be, so why have you stayed? A recent CNN article revealed why some floundering couples choose to continue onward with their lackluster relationship instead of calling it quits.

“In my experience, there are most often underlying fears and insecurities that prevent people from moving forward into a life that might be less comfortable but ultimately happier and more authentic. These couples tend to settle into a ‘good enough’ relationship,” sex therapist Holly Richmond told CNN.

If one or both partners have concerns about finances, family or career, this could lead to both staying put due to anxiety or fear. Sex therapist Sari Cooper explains: “In my practice, I see clients who stay in relationships because they’re worried they won’t find another partner, while others remain because they don’t want to deprive their children from having the other parent in their day-to-day life.”

Another reason why someone might tough it out through a negative relationship is because, simply, breaking up is hard to do: “You can’t prevent your partner from hurting over your decision. However, being truthful and respectful during the process will help lessen hurt,” explains sex therapist Kristie Overstreet. “The way you handle yourself and your words are the only things you have control over. Remember that you have to do whatever you need to so that you remain healthy — and leaving an unhealthy relationship is one of the steps in that direction.”

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