Hamptons Party Hosts Are Offering Rapid Coronavirus Tests at the Door

Pandemic parties aren't going anywhere, but hosts are trying to keep them safe(r)

rapid coronavirus test
There's no party like a Hamptons party, because at a Hamptons party everyone gets tested for coronavirus.
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A rapid coronavirus test may be your ticket into some of the hottest end-of-summer Hamptons parties. Some hosts are reportedly paying for guests to receive rapid results coronavirus testing at the door before they’re allowed to enter, according to CNN.

“Instead of having hors d’oeuvres at the party, now the theme is let’s do rapid testing,” Dr. Asma Rashid, who runs a members-only medical concierge service and has been hired to administer tests at Hamptons parties, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

The pricey tests can cost up to $500 per person and deliver results within 10 to 30 minutes. Party guests sign a consent form to release their results once they’re available, and the host then makes the final call as to whether or not a guest can join the festivities.

It’s an attempt to render the pandemic partying in the affluent area that’s attracted criticism in recent months more responsible. But testing isn’t 100% accurate, meaning there’s still a chance some infected individuals could slip through with false negatives.

“I always have a disclaimer that no one test is 100%. Pandemic precautions should still be exercised,” said Rashid, who adds that her clients are aware of the potential for inaccuracy.

“They realize these tests are not 100%. But really do we have any current test that’s in the market that’s 100% reassurance to our people here in the United States?” she said.

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