This Unauthorized ‘Gremlins’ Short Is 2018’s Best Xmas Movie

This is why you don't leave food out, people

December 8, 2017 9:00 am

Earlier this year, director Chris Columbus confirmed that a long-rumored Gremlins 3 is in the early stages of production.

For Los Angeles director Ryan Patrick, that wasn’t good enough. So he took things into his own hands and expertly executed a short to tide us over in the meantime: a 10-minute caper called Gremlins: Recall.

We want to keep this relatively free of spoiler alerts so you can enjoy it in full above, but let’s just say that attempting to genetically engineer a mogwai so that it can safely eat after the clock strikes 12 is a bad idea.

“I had the idea to make a Gremlins fan film for a while now,” Patrick says. “I always wanted it to be a touch campy, a touch B-movie in feel. It’s a careful balance, because you don’t want to just make a ‘bad’ movie. The original Gremlins is a classic, but it was a constant discussion of how do we update the tone and feel of the movie while (hopefully) doing the original some justice.” 

Get your popcorn ready  — just don’t give any to Gizmo. 

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