A Handful of ‘Game of Thrones’ Sets to Remain Open as Public Playgrounds

Look at you. You’re the King in the North now.

October 1, 2018 9:00 am

What is dead may never die.

Game of Thrones will officially wrap a year from now. It’s hard to imagine David Benioff and D.B. Weiss tying all those loose ends together (just end it with the white walkers mic dropping on Kings Landing then cut to black; it would be an all-time climate change metaphor), but they must, and will.

And while the prospects of George R.R. Martin ever producing Book Six look as likely as Ed Sheeran making another cameo, there is some good news: HBO is teaming up with Tourism Northern Ireland for a project called “Game of Thrones Legacy.”

What’s it entail? Tourist attractions you know and love from the show will be open to the public starting next year. Expect to experience the actual castles or interiors used for Winterfell, Castle Black and Kings Landing (which are peppered throughout Northern Ireland), along with the show’s functional post-production studio, Linen Mill.

The difference between this sort of project and all the other Thrones BTS tours? It’s fully organized by HBO. Which means access to sets, costumes, props, models, weapons … the works. You can’t blame ‘em for wanting to keep the cash cow going (a prequel is on the way, apparently) or us for wanting to swing around some Valyrian steel.

Follow HBO’s GOT press room for updates, and start looking into round-trips to Belfast.

h/t Variety


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