Furniture Shopping Is Lethal for Relationships, Study Finds

You’re skipping the next IKEA outing

November 19, 2018 9:00 am

Big news for couples who’ve argued about couches on airplanes — you’re not alone.

The same goes for partners in shouting matches over armchairs, bed frames and ottomans. According to a poll conducted by design outpost Article and polling compnay OnePoll, furniture shopping’s an instant-argument on the level of in-laws and Tax Day, and one that can take place in some very public places.   

The survey, which polled 2,000 American adults, found that a couple can expect around 72 decor disagreements over the course of one year. And these arguments don’t boil down predictably to leg lamps or neon bar signs. They’re influenced by budget, furniture style and color selection, and get heated enough that 21% described shopping with a loved one as “annoying” and 15% avoid doing so altogether. Not even the IKEA meatballs can convince these folks to make the trip. 

Our take, if you’re nodding vigorously after reading all the above — accept the givens in your situation. Set a hard-capped budget before setting out to furnish your living room, bedroom, backyard, what have you. To break the cap, you both have to love that rug. Have an understanding of what your home’s style is. (Or, what your spouse thinks it is.) If you think the house is “Miami Vice Modern” but she thinks it’s “Connecticut Thanksgiving Rustic,” this thing won’t get any easier. 

Lastly, keep it civil. Four people surveyed said they fought about furniture on an airplane. Unacceptable!

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