Friends and Family of James Brown Think He Was Murdered: Report

Foul play may have been involved in the singer’s death.

James Brown
According to a new CNN investigations, James Brown could have been murdered. (Photo by David Corio/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)
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Family and friends of legendary musician James Brown think the late singer died of unnatural causes. A new CNN investigation revealed that drugs, a vial of blood, and foul play could have played roles in the singer’s death.

CNN traveled to nine states, interviewed about 140 people, and read tens of thousands of pages of court and police records, Rolling Stone reports.

The three-part series covers aspects of Brown’s death. First, the investigation explores the many alleged assaults and threats made by the late singer. Part two tracks the death of Brown’s third wife Adrienne. A police informant told CNN they believe the singer’s wife was murdered by a doctor, which was also claimed to be true by his fourth wife Tomirae Brown.

In the final installment CNN asks several questions that could push the investigation forward, including lwhy was there no autopsy performed on Brown’s body?

Darren Lumar, James Brown’s son-in-law believes the singer was shot to death- something an autopsy would reveal.

The mystery gets even murkier. There are also rumors of a second will that has never been found, that Brown was poisoned, and that a mysterious vial of the legend’s blood was taken before he passed away.

The accountant running Brown’s estate says that CNN asked so many questions that they placed the outlet on “trespass notice.”

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