The Eight Must-See Fall TV Shows

How to find your next favorite binge watch

By The Editors
September 15, 2015 9:00 am

Your time is valuable. With seemingly 10000+ TV shows debuting in the next two months, there’s little opportunity to try them all. Instead, use our handy decision tree, where we narrow down your viewings to eight quality new shows. Happy couch surfing.

Here’s what to expect:

Ash vs. Evil Dead

The aging S-Mart employee with a chainsaw and a boomstick vs. the “something evil” of the Necronomicon. Best trailer of the year. (10/31, Starz) 

The Bastard Executioner

A former knight receives a divine message. Swordplay and beheadings ensue in this Middle Ages bloodfest from the creator of Sons of Anarchy(9/15, FX)


A nude woman (Jaimie Alexander of Thor fame) mysteriously appears in Times Square with her memory erased … but the name of an FBI agent tattooed on her back (among many others). A solid Bourne Identity/Prison Break mash-up. (9/21, NBC)

Blood and Oil 

“They say the first million is the hardest.” It’s Dallas … in North Dakota, as oil speculators clash and hook up in this extremely guilty pleasure of conspicuous wealth. (9/27, ABC) 

The Grinder

A hotshot TV lawyer (friend of InsideHook and occasional contributor Rob Lowe) moves to Boise and joins up with his family’s real-life law firm. Title aside — the word “Grinder” comes with connotations these days — the show is a great mix of meta humor and clashing personalities, including Fred Savage as Lowe’s super-serious brother/foil. (9/29, Fox)

Master of None 

No trailer yet

Think a more snake person Louie. Aziz Ansari basically plays himself in this New York-set comedy from the creators of Parks & Recreation. (11/6, Netflix) 

The Muppets

Basically the classic show with a more The Office-like mockumentary feel and major winks at interspecies love and pot. “Sort of an adult Muppet Show,” as Kermit says. (9/22, ABC)

Red Oaks 

Set in a New Jersey country club in the mid-’80s, this Amazon original comedy already has its pilot episode up for viewing (see above). The show has an indie pedigree: David Gordon Green is one of the directors, with Steven Soderbergh is producing. (10/9, Amazon) 

And a few returning shows to keep in mind: South Park (9/16), Gotham (9/21), Modern Family (9/23), Empire (9/23), How to Get Away With Murder (9/24), Scandal (9/24), Bob’s Burgers (9/27), The Daily Show (9/28), The Leftovers (10/4), American Horror Story (10/7), The Walking Dead (10/11), Fargo (10/12)

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