Facebook and Twitter Did Not Receive Invites to the White House Social Media Summit

Must have gotten lost in the mail

Facebook and Twitter didn't make the cut
Facebook and Twitter didn't make the cut
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The White House will be hosting a social media summit this Thursday, but at least two of the biggest names in social media didn’t make the guest list.

Anonymous sources told CNN Business that Facebook and Twitter did not receive invitations to this week’s event. The sources said the news is “not surprising,” considering the president’s frequent complaints accusing major social media platforms of anti-conservative bias.

While Twitter didn’t score an invite to the president’s social media summit, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey did get an invitation to the White House earlier this year, when he met with the president to discuss the latter’s concern over his decrease in followers on the social media platform.

The White House first announced this week’s summit back in June, calling it an event designed to bring together “digital leaders for a robust conversation on the opportunities and challenges of today’s online environment.”

So if Facebook and Twitter aren’t among the White House’s digital leaders, who is?

While the official guest list has yet to be released, the Washington Post previously reported that various “right wing luminaries” were expected, according to CNN. Some invitees have also posted their invitations online, including pro-Trump Twitter users Carpe Donktum, Bill Mitchell, and mad-liberals, Gizmodo reported.

Rumored invitees also include representatives from conservative organizations PragerU, the Heritage Foundation and the Media Research Center, which was founded by conservative activist Leo Brent Bozell in 1987. Charlie Kirk, who heads a college-focused conservative group called Turning Point USA, also reportedly made the guest list.

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