Don’t Fall for the Omarosa’s White House Scandal, Playboy Writer Warns

White House correspondent Brian Karem argues the public shouldn’t get distracted by frivolity.

Former Director of Communications for the White House Public Liaison Office Omarosa Manigault (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
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When she worked in the White House, no one seemed to much care about Omarosa or her role there, Playboy’s Brian Karem writes. Now, “we can’t seem to get enough of her,” and that’s a bad thing, he argues.

“Certainly, Tuesday, the communications staff was prepared for an all-out oratory blitz concerning—in one corner—POTUS armed with his sledgehammer and in the other corner, Omarosa armed with her stiletto.

“I know they were prepared for Omarosa questions because I caught Hogan Gidley coming out of a morning meeting with Sanders. I said to anyone who wanted to hear me, “I do not care about Omarosa. I won’t ask one question about her.” He replied they were prepared for any and all questions on Omarosa. In fact it appears they prepped for little else,” Karem observed.

Additionally, Karem argues, the story the public should focus on is the president sitting down with Robert Mueller to discuss the election — not getting caught up in the latest distraction to plague the administration.

“I confess; the animosity leveled at her now is as inconsequential and meaningless to me as the attention she got while she was in the White House,” Karem writes. “Meanwhile, everyone close to Trump advised him to ignore Omarosa, but he couldn’t do it. His reality television experience, his need to “Fight Fire with Fire” and his narcissistic tendencies overwhelmed his ability to keep his mouth shut. Ultimately that will be the man’s undoing.”

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