This Date Involves All-Day Rosé and Stargazing From a Castle

A mysterious island hosts an adventure you’ll never forget

May 10, 2017 9:00 am

Take a train about two hours of north of the city and you’ll eventually come upon an abandoned island occupied by one storied, decaying structure:

Bannerman’s Castle.

It’s the erstwhile keep of an eccentric millionaire, and most days, no one is allowed ashore.

But this summer, they’re opening it to small groups of ne’er-do-wells for nighttime stargazing and castle exploring.

It’s going to be a late one, so practice that raspy sick voice now. Monday’s are for the birds anyhow.

Be prepared. And look good doing it. A little drizzle won’t rain on this parade, so the Nanamic Rain Shell isn’t a bad idea. Comfy shoes are advised because you’ll be doing some trekking. The just released Special Edition sneak from Fratelli Rossetti should do the trick. And you’re going to need a flashlight. Can’t go wrong with this shiny number here. And make sure to inform your better half of all these details in advance. Don’t want the lovely lady showing up in her favorite pumps.
Nanamica Splash shell parka, $575; Nanamica crew sweatshirt, $235; Fratelli Rossetti Special Edition sneaker, $460; Best Made Co. brass flashlight, $164

The Vine’s airy layout offers quintessential Sunday vibes, with a reflecting pool and large multimedia screen just in case you need to check the score. Brunch highlights include maple sausage and cheddar pancakes with crispy bacon, fried eggs and hollandaise sauce, and a smoked salmon flatbread with cream cheese, avocado, capers, red onion and lemon zest. It’s comforting and classic, with an extensive rosé list putting a cherry on top.

This is going to be awesome. You’re hopping a train north of the city to Pollepel Island, the site of Bannerman’s Arsenal. Tickets here; don’t dally. There, you’ll meet up with your hosts from Atlas Obscura to tour a turn-of-the-century tycoon’s dilapidated castle. At nightfall, artist Melissa McGill’s “Constellation” installations will rise to meet the evening’s starry sky. Of note: the event stretches to 11:30 in the P.M. Sounds like a perfect excuse to play hooky on Monday if there ever was one. (Ed. note: This is the final season for the Constellation boat tours. For non Atlas Obscura-hosted dates, you can pick up tickets here.)


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