COVID-19 Prompts Recently Reopened Apple Stores to Close Again

The decision affects 11 stores in 4 states

Apple Store
Some Apple Stores that just reopened are temporarily closing again.
Marcus Quigmire/Creative Commons

As the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens. But sometimes that doesn’t happen in that precise order. When it comes to Apple Stores in a number of states currently seeing upswings in COVID-19 cases, a host of doors that were recently opened are now closing, albeit temporarily.

Kim Lyons at The Verge has more details. Specifically, 11 stores located in Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina are closing their doors again, with a re-opening date to be determined. Apple temporarily closed its stores around most of the world in March as a response to the pandemic. In May, the stories began opening back up. But as cases in a number of states have risen, so too has the company’s level of caution.

Lyons’s report offers specifics on which stores will be temporarily closed:

Stores closing June 20th include two in Florida, at Waterside Shops and Coconut Point; two in North Carolina, at Southpark and Northlake Mall; one in South Carolina at Haywood Mall; and six in Arizona, at Chandler Fashion Center, Scottsdale Fashion Square, Arrowhead, SanTan Village, Scottsdale Quarter, and La Encantada.

It’s an unsettling reminder that, while some regions of the country have achieved results in containing COVID-19, the process is one that requires constant attention. As these closures show, sometimes gains made one month can be swept back not long afterwards.

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