Colbert Slams Hannity and Trump Over Reports They Speak Before Bedtime

"Sean, what are you wearing?"

Stephen Colbert (YouTube/CBS)
Stephen Colbert (YouTube/CBS)

Stephen Colbert reveled in the news that President Trump and Fox News anchor Sean Hannity speak after 10 p.m. on “most weeknights.”
“One source said that Trump needs these calls with Hannity because he doesn’t live with his wife,” Colbert told viewers, recounting details from the report in New York Magazine. “He lacks someone to decompress with at the end of the day.”

“Yeah, if Melania were there, he could complain to her about how his day went,” Colbert said, before mocking the president: “Today, one of the porn stars I had sex with while you were home with our newborn didn’t even adhere to the terms of her NDA. Talk about a Monday.”

Watch the clip below.

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