China Closes Mount Everest Base Camp Due to Trash

An onslaught of tourists has resulted in a growing garbage issue.

The base camp at Mount Everest has been closed by Chinese officials due to tourists trashing the place.  

The tens of thousands of tourists who flock to the site every year will still have a view of the famous north face of the mountain from Rongbuk Monastery, which is located some 16,400 feet below the now-closed base camp.

During last year’s climbing season, Tibetan officials said that more than nine tons of trash and human waste was collected from the main area of the Mount Qomolangma National Nature Reserve.

The garbage issue has brought about changes. If you’re looking to summit the massive mountain, you’ll need to be one of 300 lucky permit winners who are either climbing the mountain or studying the range for scientific purposes.

And there are two base camps available to climbers- one camp on the Chinese side and one camp on the Nepalese side of the mountain. The latter is said to be the easier climb.

The Chinese base camp see some 40,000 plus visitors each year while Nepal’s base camp saw a record 45,000 visitors in 2016.


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