Chilling Images of Asia’s Typhoon Mangkhut Wreaking Havoc

The massive storm killed at least 59 people in the Philippines and is now hammering southern China.

Typhoon Mangkhut (Photo: Creative Commons)
Typhoon Mangkhut (Photo: Creative Commons)

While the southeastern United States is still dealing with torrential rains and massive flooding from Hurricane Florence, southeast Asia is dealing with the destructive power of its own superstorm, Typhoon Mangkhut. The Pacific storm lashed the northern Philippines on Saturday and the official death toll of 59 is expected to rise even further once authorities there finish digging out communities wiped out from the many landslides.

By Sunday afternoon, Mangkhut—also nicknamed “King of Storms” by the Chinese media—had reached the coast of southern China and was inflicting heavy rains and 140 mph-plus winds on Hong Kong. Initial government reports from Hong Kong estimated 213 people were injured by the storm, as the chilling images of Mangkhut’s impact on the city appeared across social media.

One video showed the storm tearing down a massive scaffold on a high-rise building, sending steel and debris raining down onto the street below.

Another video of the street-level force of Mangkhut looked like a computer-generated scene out of a Hollyowwod disaster movie.

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