Is a Three-Minute Call With Ken Bone Worth $10? Cameo Thinks So.

Cameo, the celebrity video message service, is branching out with a new Calls feature

A picture of a smartphone showing the new Cameo Calls feature, a celebrity in a screen on top with a fan underneath
Each Cameo Call comes with a "photo op" at the end of the chat.

In the last few years, you or someone you know may have sprung for a Cameo message from an actor, comedian or sports personality. It’s a fairly win-win situation for all involved. The celebrity in question can make a fair amount of money for a brief recording — not a bad way to make money during a pandemic, when their other sources of income might be on hold — and the recipient gets something unique (and, in some cases, with viral video potential.)

All of these factors make it unsurprising to hear that Cameo has rolled out a new feature called Cameo Calls. As The Verge’s Jay Peters reports, this new option allows you to schedule a call between two and five minutes with a participating celebrity. As of this writing, the lineup of celebrities participating is wide-ranging, to say the least. Fans of Star Wars might be open to paying $100 to talk with Billy Dee Williams, or should we say Lando Calrissian; the same could be said for Archer fans eager to speak with Amber Nash (who voices Pam Poovey) for $30.

It gets more random from there. If you’d like to revisit the 2016 presidential election, Ken Bone is up to chat for $10; so too are a host of participants from Netflix’s The Circle, at $15 apiece. Felicity‘s Amy Jo Johnson and Master P will also chat with you; each charges $100 for their time.

All of which begs the question: will Cameo go the next step and allow you to connect random celebrities and see what happens? There has to be someone wanting to connect an Overwatch alumnus with “The Cameo Santa,” right? The mind boggles at what might result.

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