Bobby Valentine Forgot He Was Recording a Cameo — and Sent It In

This isn't going to help the 71-year-old in his campaign for mayor of Stamford, Connecticut

Bobby Valentine attends a Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation event in 2015. The former New York Mets manager recently recorded a Cameo video, forgot what he was doing, then sent in the eight-minute clip.
Bobby Valentine attends a Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation event in 2015.
Grant Lamos IV/Getty

Within about 15 seconds of starting to record a video message for someone named Matt via the Cameo platform, former Major League Baseball manager Bobby Valentine forgot what he was doing — but left the camera rolling.

In the ensuing video, which the 71-year-old somehow still submitted to Cameo and, in an even more confusing move, the platform still sent to the customer who requested the $40 message for Matt, Valentine chats with a neighbor and strolls around with his dog while using a wooden walking stick that makes a ton of noise. At some point in the video, which goes on for more than eight minutes, Valentine’s dog takes a dump and he discusses it.

Largely loved during his time managing the New York Mets and largely loathed during his time managing the Boston Red Sox, Valentine just launched his campaign for mayor of Stamford, Connecticut, as an unaffiliated candidate.

 “I always thought and saw myself as the mayor of the city,” Valentine told The New Yorker. “My whole thing isn’t about policy, because we’ll have great policy. You figure out what the problems are and what you can fix, and you make it part of your policy that you’re going to implement. Some say, ‘Oh, that stuff doesn’t work in city government,’ and I say, ‘Well, let’s see.’”

While it isn’t a huge deal and there wasn’t anything inflammatory in the leaked Cameo clip except an F-bomb and a canine crapping, the video — and the fact that Valentine didn’t realize he had recorded it yet managed to submit it anyhow — doesn’t exactly inspire major confidence in the former manager’s ability to succeed as a civil servant.

In a funny coincidence, Valentine’s moment in disguise in New York’s dugout after he was ejected and snuck back in wearing a fake mustache was just immortalized in an illustrated commemorative card from Topps.

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