British Military Looking at Building This Flying ‘Iron Man’ Suit

May 1, 2017 8:45 am

Royal Marine reserve Richard Browning is determined to go where only Tony Stark has gone before… and take as much of the British military along with him as possible.

Indeed, Browning said he was told the British military had abandoned the thought of flying soldiers until they saw his invention.

Browning’s version of the Iron Man suit uses six thrusters—two mounted on each arm and two on his back—to achieve liftoff. It’s controlled by moving the arms and a display inside the helmet keeps the wearer updated on fuel consumption. He claims the suit can fly up to 200 mph and at an altitude of several thousand feet for 10 minutes. But in a recent text, Browning only stayed aloft a few feet off the ground for one minute.

“I think of it as a bit of a jet ski, a bit of fun or an indulgent toy,” he told the UK’s Telegraph. “But I do have a hunch that stuff will come along to make it more practical.”

Learn more about the actual Iron Man suit in The Telegraph.

Take a look at the suit in action in the video below.



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