Britain Could Run Out Of Water By 2050

The United Kingdom could actually be wetter.

Even though it might seem like it’s always raining in London, in just a few decades Britain might run out of water.

“On the present projections, many parts of our country will face significant water deficits by 2050, particularly in the southeast, where much of the U.K. population lives,” James Bevan, agency chief for the Environment Agency, said at a conference on water use.

Bevan says that “unless we take action” the country won’t have enough water supply to meet their needs.

Thanks to climate change and population growth, it’s even more important now to shift the public’s thinking when it comes to water conservation.

“We need water wastage to be as socially unacceptable as blowing smoke in the face of a baby or throwing your plastic bags into the sea,” Bevan said.

The agency chief plans to do as much as the EA can to avoid the run out. Building reservoirs, and more desalination plants, as well as transferring water surplus to areas that need it are all plans in the works.

Tony Allen, a water expert from King’s College London, says the biggest water problem will likely occur in southern England with an excess of water in the north of England.

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