Which State Has the Best Male-Female Ratio?

Hint: It's definitely not Alaska

January 11, 2017 9:00 am

The proverbial sausage party: no matter where you live, you will unwittingly walk into one from time to time.

But in some places, your almost guaranteed to walking into one.

This map, which color-codes the United States according to male-to-female ratio, should be thought of as a guide to avoiding (or embracing, depending on what you’re looking for) those places. You can even sort the data by age group if you’re looking to rob the proverbial cradle and/or Lincoln Town Car.

Whether you’re looking for women in the 21-39 range (head to D.C.), 40-49 (Brooklyn and the Bronx) or 50 and above (Baltimore, Miami and southern Texas), Overflow Data’s can show you where every county in the country ranks on the male-to-female index, as estimated by census data from 2011-2015. 

Since we don’t know what you’re into, we encourage you to sort for yourself. But if you’re looking for an ideal female ratio of any kind, it’s pretty clear you want to steer clear of North Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming and central Pennsylvania. 

Happy hunting. 

Main image courtesy of Michael Yarish/AMC

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