Deal: Our Favorite Sony Headphones Are $72 Off Right Now

And the ubiquitous Bose QuietComfort series has nothing on them.

Deal: Our Favorite Sony Headphones Are $72 Off Right Now

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Until recently, Bose pretty much owned the noise-canceling headphones category. Their QuietComfort series and the new Bose 700 were the premier over-the-ear headphones. That changed in 2018 when Sony released the  Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones, which have challenged the Bose for the top spot. 

$350 is a lot to spend on a pair of headphones. I spent months reading reviews and watching nerdy tech Youtube videos before I finally bit the bullet and purchased pair. Holy sh*t they’re amazing. They boast a super nice over-ear design that’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and the matte black and silver options both look great. They also have a USB-C port and a touch-sensitive control panel, making it easy to turn the volume up or down, control playback, and so on.

The only real downside to these headphones is their price, but right now, Sony’s headphones are $72 off at Amazon. The discount brings the cost down to $278, which is by far the lowest price I’ve seen for these headphones since they launched.

The noise-cancellation tech on Sony’s headphones is second-to-none, making them a great option for long flights, commuting, or trying to drown out kids while on work-from-home Zoom calls. They also offer Alexa and Google Assistant integration, so you can quickly and easily talk to your digital assistant straight from the headphones. We don’t know how long the sale is running, so act quickly if you want a pair.

My only regret? I bought mine full-price.

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