One Photographer’s Quest to Expose Desperate Instagram Creeps

Let it be known: you can't hide behind private messages

February 5, 2018 9:00 am

Is an unsolicited Instagram DM ever acceptable?

Fashion photographer Atisha Paulson thinks so. He compares a proper DM to politely knocking on a stranger’s door.  

But far too many folks (men) are barging right in. 

Paulson’s new zine DM pairs photos he’s taken of models with a regrettable slew of direct messages sent to his account, all from men thinking he’s the women in the photos. The messages range from cringeworthy to disgusting. All are depressing.

Paulson’s DMs first started blowing up after Playboy regrammed one of his photos. As the “propositions” came streaming in, Paulson decided to engage with the behavior, egging the guys on and posting screenshots to his Instagram Stories. Widespread encouragement from women (far less surprised about this sh*t than men) helped bring the zine to fruition.

A thought, if you do decide to “slide into someone’s DMs,” as it were: Keep. Your. Damn. Pants. On. 

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