Oh Good, Anthony Weiner Is Back on the App He Used to Sext a Teen

Rumor has it the disgraced former politician is back on discreet messaging app Confide

anthony weiner sitting in rows of black folding chairs holding phone
Just Anthony Weiner, clutching a phone, not looking suspicious or anything
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Remember Anthony Weiner, the former congressman now best known for a series of sexting scandals that gave the New York Post nearly a decade of punny headlines? Weiner updates still pop up from time to time, though as of last year the disgraced politician had reportedly begun a new, quiet life as the CEO of a company that makes countertops out of broken glass, news the Post shared under the inevitable headline, “Anthony Weiner piecing together shattered life as CEO of broken glass factory.”

The most recent Weiner news, however, suggests the politician-turned-sex offender-turned-glass-peddler may be back on his bullshit, or at least the discreet messaging app he once used to send inappropriate messages to a teen. Page Six reports Weiner has rejoined Confide, a messaging app that allows users to send private, encrypted messages that disappear without leaving a digital trace. It’s the kind of app one might use if they were having an affair, or, say, sexting a teenager, which is what Weiner was using it for back in 2016. The former representative was later sentenced to 21 months in prison after pleading guilty to transferring obscene material to a minor.

In true Anthony Weiner form, however, it seems he hasn’t learned from his mistakes, and has decided now is a great time to return to the app that previously landed him to jail. According to Page Six, any fellow Confide users who had Weiner’s number in their contacts received a notification last week alerting them that Weiner had joined the app: “New friend. Anthony Weiner joined Confide. Send Anthony a message now.” (Admittedly an odd feature for an app the prides itself on discretion.)

Weiner seemed to confirm he was back on the app in an email to Page Six, writing, “Yeah I got this,” followed by a notification from Confide reminding him to check his unread messages.

To be fair, the use of encrypted messaging platforms has increased in popularity since Weiner’s sexting days back in 2016, as more and more people — even those who aren’t cheating on a partner or committing sex crimes — turn to apps like Signal for more secure messaging. Let’s hope, for Weiner’s sake, that he plans to use Confide for privacy reasons that don’t involve his dick this time.

Fortunately, Weiner seems to have decided there are better things he can do with his dick pics these days, like turn them into NFTs. Apparently things aren’t going so well in the broken glass biz, because Weiner recently revealed to the New York Times that he was leaving his CEO position and considering a career in selling “political collectibles” as NFTs. Those collectibles might include humiliating highlights from the lowest points in Weiner’s life, such as a copy of the search warrant for the laptop seized by the FBI during the 2017 incident that ultimately sent him to prison, and of course the original 2011 dick pic that launched Weiner’s decade of sex scandals.

After all, as Weiner put it, “Cashing in would be nice.”

Whether or not Anthony Weiner deserves to “cash in” on sexual misconduct is another question entirely, but as the New York Post once put it, “You can’t keep Weiner down.”

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