Ancient Egyptian Tombs Found Near Great Pyramids of Giza

Among the relics and artifacts discovered were the mummies of two high-ranking officials

Tombs discovered in Giza
Sarcophagi are seen inside a burial shaft at the Giza pyramid plateau. (Mahmoud Khaled/ AFP/ Getty)
AFP/Getty Images

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A team of archaeologist that was recently working near the Great Pyramid of Giza discovered an ancient Egyptian burial ground that has housed the tombs of some high-ranking officials for about 4,500 years.

The country’s Ministry of Antiquities said that among the graves — which date back to around 2500 BCE — are a limestone family tomb from Egypt’s fifth dynasty, according to CNN.

Two mummies were discovered inside the tombs: Behnui-Ka, who held seven titles, like priest and judge; and Nwi, known as the “chief of the great state” and the “purifier” of the pharaoh Khafre. Builder of the second of the three famous pyramids of Giza, Khafre reigned for an assumed 25 years.

Various artifacts were also discovered inside the tombs, among the dead, CNN reported, like a limestone statue of one of the men, his wife and their son and several elaborately illustrated wooden coffins. Fragments of wooden masks were also discovered near other coffins covered in hieroglyphics.

Officials are hopeful that the discovery will bring back some of Giza’s tourism that was lost during the turmoil of the Arab Spring in 2011. Giza’s long-awaited, $1 billion Grand Egyptian Museum is expected to open in mid-2020 with this goal in mind.

No word if any ancient psychedelics were found.

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