Alex Jones’ Pirate Radio Station Shuttered by FCC

Operating illegally since at least 2013, Liberty Radio is officially off the airwaves.

Alex Jones of "InfoWars." (InfoWars/Screengrab)

The Federal Communications Commission is the latest organization to knock Alex Jones off the airwaves.

Liberty Radio, Alex Jones’ flagship station in Austin, Texas, is being fined $15,000 and is banned from broadcasting in the area after it was found to operate without federal consent since at least 2013, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The Statesmen reports court documents alleging Library Radio operated out of a maintenance or utility room in an apartment complex in East Austin; the signal was then transmitted by a 50-foot tower on the property. Listeners who tuned into 90.1FM could find, in addition to Jones’ show, programs like “The Vaccine Myth,” “Real News,” “War Room” and “Power Hour Nation.”

Despite being warned by federal agents that they were operating illegally, the men behind the station wrote a letter to the FCC that asks them to “kindly never bother us with your harassment under color of law and office again.” In a follow-up letter responding to the $15,000 fine, the men wrote that they would not appeal the ruling: “We decline your offer, as we have from the outset, and we will forever decline your offer.”

A trial date has not yet been established.

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