‘LOVE Magazine’ Recreated the Most Iconic Topless Scene in Movie History

How does she compare to Phoebe Cates?

March 23, 2017 9:00 am
Alessandra Ambrosia, iconic topless scene, Love Magazine
Love Magazine

LOVE Magazine isn’t afraid to recreate iconic videos. With the best models in the biz as their stars, why should they be? But this time, they’re taking on part of cinema’s sexual canon: the topless scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

The red bikini, the sprinkler, the works. 

Below, the two very NSFW videos, and a point-by-point comparison. Will Alessandra Ambrosio or Phoebe Cates come out on top?

LOVE magazine:

Fast Times at Ridgemont High:


Overall Look: Fast Times. The dreamlike quality of being shot on film paired with the ’80s styling of director Amy Heckerling (who also wrote and directed Clueless) are unbeatable.

Song Choice: Fast Times. “Boneyard” by Fink is a better listen, but “Moving in Stereo” by the Cars fits this scene like a glove.

Editing: LOVE. The original cuts back and forth between Cates and Judge Reinhold, well, pleasuring himself. The recreation cuts between Ambrosio in the pool and Ambrosio in a bathtub. It’s a no-brainer.

Water Effects: LOVE. Though the old-school quality of Fast Times works on the whole, modern cameras and color editing win out when water comes into play. (Never wanted to jump in a pool or saunter through a sprinkler more in my entire life.)

Ending: Draw. It depends on whether you prefer comedy, like the classic line, “Doesn’t anybody f*cking knock anymore?” Or drama, like when LOVE pans up to a shadowy male figure looking in on Ambrosio in the tub, changing the whole film into a stalker thriller. Is this commentary on the dehumanizing voyeurism perpetuated by these kinds of scenes? Holding a mirror up to the camera’s male gaze? You decide.

Winner: LOVE. Yes, we’re well aware of the consequences of this decision.

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