Airlines Admit They Have A Problem Dealing with Racism

Hundreds of passengers are being mistreated.

United Airlines Looks to Restore Its 'Friendly Skies'
(Horacio Villalobos - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Airlines admit that they have problems with racism and sexual misconduct. Only one in 20 instances conclude with the offender bring removed from the plane, a Bloomberg report reveals.

According to the International Air Transport Association, 350 cases of inappropriate touching, racial, homophobic and ageist abuse occurred on flights. Only 178 of these incidents resulted in police involvement and just 17 passengers were removed from aircrafts.

“There should be zero tolerance to this,” said Tim Colehan, assistant director of external affairs at IATA. “However, it requires people to be willing to report to crew and sometimes for there to be witnesses. And if a country doesn’t have the jurisdiction to intervene the accused will just be released.”

The IATA represents close to 300 airlines and says that there has been a decline in 2017 of instances of physical and verbal violence however a 3% increase of life-threatening behavior — such as attempting to breach the flight-deck security — isn’t exactly good news.

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