Airbus to Put Private Beds, Conference Rooms on the Lower Deck

‘Landing? Already?’

April 12, 2018 9:00 am

Gotta hand it to Airbus. In a time when air travel is getting more hate and negative press than ever, they’ve really gone all in on prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Refer to their just-revealed renderings of a redesign created in partnership with Zodiac Aerospace, which consists of several modular components that can be fitted to the lower deck, depending on the needs of a flight.

airbus (4 images)

Hullo, nurse! That’s if you’re in the medical care zone. (Did you hear about the recent flight that had to ditch 30 tons of fuel in order to become light enough to make an emergency landing to treat an ill passenger?) Or maybe you’ll catch up on sleep in the private-ish beds while the kids watch Bambi. Or make use of a conference room to hammer out some business in the air.

While these luxuries are already available to those who fly private (just look inside the $30K-per-hour plane that one Saudi prince has at his disposal), Airbus plans to make them available to airlines as soon as 2020 for we common folk.

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