An Adults-Only Summer Camp for Pizza Lovers? Take Our Money.

There’s drinking and eating and that’s about it

September 19, 2016 9:00 am

Most adult summer camps come with a degree of physical risk and Pizza Camp is no different:

If you attend, your wrist might get sore from all the high-fives you’ll be giving and receiving.

Founded by the Minneapolis Pizza Club, the “overnight camp for pizza-loving adults” is held each year in Minnesota at Baker Park Reserve as part of an annual pizza week in the area.

In addition to receiving a pizza-themed T-shirt, beer koozie, tote bag and pin, campers who attend the $99 event will enjoy a “dreamy pizza dinner” featuring “a tri-pizza system” that includes “pizza delivery, pizza snacks and a build-your-own pizza and toppings bar.”

Libations at the overnight event — which will be accompanied by tunes from the Time Life Pizza Collection — are being provided by Fulton Beer, but campers can also bring their own beer, wine, Champagne and Zantac.

Sadly, Pizza Camp 2016 is booked up, but don’t be too crusty about it — there’s always next summer.

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