These Walls Are Alive, and You Can Own One

Apartment envy starts here.

By The Editors
July 6, 2015 9:00 am

Want a boring million-dollar house? Move to San Francisco. We’ve got loads of ‘em.

Want a million-dollar house that guests will say envious things about and actually mean?

That takes a little ingenuity. A little artistry. From folks who’ve been contracted by Tesla, Facebook, IDEO, the California Academy of Sciences and more.

Their name? Habitat Horticulture.

They’re the Bay’s preeminent designers of “living walls”: floor-to-ceiling expanses of vegetation designed to complement the aesthetic of the installation site.

Indoors or out, HH are show-stoppers.

Founder David Brenner studied at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England, before setting up shop in San Francisco. Once contracted, he and his team will shepherd your living wall (or living cofee table) from concept to design to installation and planting.

Once it’s completed, they’ll help you set up a maintenance schedule and train a thrid-party caretaker to ensure that everything is shipshape going forward.

Here’s a little showcase of eight of their best works to date.

Hit the contact form on their site for inquiries.

Trust us: once you’ve seen one, you won’t forget it.

And neither will your guests.

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