The Breast Milk Energy Drink Nobody Wanted

Nature’s energy drink in a monthly subscription

By The Editors
April 1, 2015 9:00 am
The Breast Milk Energy Drink Nobody Wanted
Benjamin Horn

Milk: it does a body good.

Mother’s milk: doubly so.

Turns out, breastfeeding is a veritable hot-pot of vitamins, proteins and immune system-supporting nutrients — there’s a reason bodybuilders are buying it in bulk and grown men in China are hiring wet nurses to deliver it straight from the source.

Luckily, ’Murica has figured out an altogether better delivery system: ProLactin, a new breast-milk subscription service based in Mendocino.

CEO Mark Louzon, a former pro cyclist, says his product is differentiated by his commitment to terroir.

The East-Coast varietal is Kentucky Bluegrass: “It’s a Beaujolais-like spring mix, fresh and fruity and light,” Louzon says.

West Coast? Napa Valley Goldentail: “We harvest this only in September and October — it’s mellow and meaty, an end-of-season varietal.”

There’s also the 12-month “Tour du Monde,” which includes shipments from New Zealand, Japan and Denmark, where the drink has become so popular that it’s available on tap at half-a-dozen Copenhagen bars.

Louzon credits breast milk as the foundation of his own athletic success: “If you want to be the best, you’ve got to drink the breast.”


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