Blanket Policy

By The Editors
July 25, 2013 9:00 am

Here’s the crux: you woo her with jokes, with your knowledge of wine (or how suavely you manipulate an AeroPress, or track your Fitbit score – or whatever passes for charm these days), and yet when she finally sees your chambers, the bed is about as welcoming as the Viet Cong.

You want to win their hearts and minds? Then get your act together, man. Start with Smart Bedding.

Born from our own 7×7 wonderland, Smart Bedding’s an SF startup that makes a delightfully simple bedding set that – hallelujah – keeps your bed made regardless of your vigorous bootknocking or restless leg syndrome.

Their method: make the comforter and sheet the same size (no sheet droop below the comforter) and outfit them to snap together into a harmonious whole.

Et voila! Smart Bedding assures the entire make-the-bed process takes only two seconds, compared to ninety seconds for regular sheet sets.

As useful for the fella who’s already coupled up as the one who’s only interested in coupling.

Simple. Elegant. Welcoming.

The best thing to happen to bedding since the bearskin.

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