Post Production

By The Editors
March 26, 2014 9:00 am

You hear that clarion call?

That’s the sound of the United States Postal Service going the way of the dodo, the leisure suit and the Nintendo Burger Time robot.

Thanks to Shyp, a full-service shipping solution that comes to your house and picks up your stuff, launching today after months of stealth testing.

Shyp is simple:

1) Take a picture of what needs shipping.

2) Fill out destination details.

3) Wait for one of Shyp’s couriers, who’ll pick up the goods and take them back for boxing and carrier dispatch.


They work with all four of the major parcel players, and, with the volume they do, the service they offer — packaging and all — costs about what you’d pay in stamps alone for the privilege of standing in line and doing it yourself.

Use it for the odd birthday present or league trophy — or use it as the full-on shipping center for your business.

Then use the time you save for any of the seven million things you’d rather do than futz around with a tape gun.

Nota bene: Shyp is currently limited to iPhone users in SF proper. If that’s you, use the code “insidehook15” for a $15 wheel-kicking credit.

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