Dane’s World

By The Editors
July 12, 2013 9:00 am


Land of leggings, handsome bicycles and monophthongal rounded vowels (like this little fella: ø). The women – they look like runway models. The men – they drink lots of beer.

And thank Odin for that. Because the Danish brewers at Mikkeller just opened their first stateside pub in SF, and they’ve brought 42 taps of delicious pan-global beer with them.

Mikkeller knows from beer; they typically spend their days brewing in other brands’ breweries. And when you go, these are the three tasty suds you’ve gotta try:

  • Mikkeller’s Green Gold, an American IPA with a solid balance of sweet and bitter. Goes with just about any meat and – oddly – curry.
  • Oude Geuze from 3 Fonteinen, a dry Belgian lambic blend that pairs well with a nice hunk of gorgonzola.
  • Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Breakfast, the coffee-infused stout that the Mikkeller brewery was founded on. As for pairing: beef. Go with beef.

Manning the galley: Michael O’Brian of DC’s ChurchKey, one of the mid-Atlantic’s better-known beer/food pairing houses.

So raise your glass with a mighty “Skål!” and free your inner Dane.

Leggings optional.


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