Farm-to-Table Cannabis Products: Thing. A Beautiful Thing.

Can excellent branding destigmatize weed?

March 30, 2017 9:00 am

Maybe you partake. Maybe you don’t.

We’ve got a story for you in either case.

If you’re the latter, how about a vertically integrated startup that’s making waves even in the crowded arena of the Green Rush?

And for the former: stylish cannabis.

We cater to all tastes here.

Michael Gargenese, Jr. was a Google marketing exec when his dad, Mike Sr., convinced him to walk away … and devote his energy to an upscale cannabis brand. The result: Lola Lola.

The graphics walk the line between trippy and slick as adroitly as a Japanese graphic designer on, well, upscale cannabis.

And the products come with the same mindful pedigree as the menu at your favorite farm-to-table restaurant, with the raw materials grown at a Lola Lola farm in Mendocino. Like we said: vertical integration. Which in this case means that nasty additives don’t sneak in, courtesy of some middleman looking to up his cut. Everything you want to keep your stuff fresh is here, from airtight sealing rings to light-reducing silicate glass storage.

Lola Lola is currently available at dispensaries throughout California. Just check out their store locator to find the nearest verified outpost to you.

This is the future of marijuana culture.

Get in now, while the getting is good.


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